Learning Basic Web Design Is Important for Online Marketers – Computer Web Design

Web design can be very important to learn if you are considering doing business online. One of the best ways to earn income online is by setting up a website that either promotes your own products, or promotes the products of other companies who pay you a commission when you refer customers. However, the one issue that stops many people from going forward is the necessity of designing an attractive site.One solution, of course, is to simply hire a good web design firm and let them do the work of setting up your site. If you will be selling a lot of products and require a complex design and shopping cart, then it is probably a good idea to let an expert do the initial work for you. However, even if you are going to hire out the job, it is still important that you learn the basics. If you know nothing about HTML, you will have to pay someone to make even the tiniest changes to your site in the future. So no matter whether you are going to hire someone or do the job yourself, it is still very important to understand basic web design.To begin with, you are going to need a good deal of education and experience dealing with computers and common computer programs. If you do not know your way around the basics of using a computer, then designing, developing and maintaining an online marketing presence will be out of your reach. Most community colleges have accredited courses in computer science and basic computer courses. There is a vast source of knowledge on this subject online. Therefore, your first step to getting a website online is to be very familiar with your PC or laptop and be comfortable using it.Once you know your way around computers, you are ready to start learning. The next step is to get online and start researching HTML, CSS and Javascript. These are the three languages of basic web design. A basic level of understanding of these three languages and the file structure associated with a simple website will have you up and running in no time. Add to that a bit of time learning about image editing and how images can enhance the website and you will be ready to try your hand at designing a site.You will have come a long way once you understand website design languages, image editing, website layout, navigation, and CSS styles. From here, you have the foundation for a basic website. You might also want to consider one of the many website design programs that are available. They will actually allow you to build a site without having to have an advanced knowledge of HTML. In fact, most of these programs will include website templates that you can use and modify for your own site.While the language of web design may seem like Greek to you when you first start, with a little bit of time and effort you’ll be able to create a basic site without a problem. For more complex sites, you will probably still prefer to work with a professional. But your education in web design will pay off when you need to modify your site later on.

Things You Need to Know Before Approaching Any Web Designers Or Web Design Companies – Computer Web Design

So you have decided that you will hire a web designer to build your website. You expect that the designer will come up with  the right website design as you have chosen him carefully from your list of best web designers.There are many things you need to know before approaching any web designers or web design companies. Read this short article to help you gain a better understanding of the web design industry.There is no such thing as cheap website design. Be wary of designers who offer their service at a significantly lower cost than most designers. It is very likely that they have only just started out. Always ask to see work examples.  A good website design is created with usability and targeted audience in mind. Building a good website takes considerable time and cannot be delivered in a day or two.As there are numerous browsers that users can readily download, web designers may not want you to know that each of the browsers has their own way of handling things. What this means is that your website may work perfectly well with one browser but not with the other. So you have to make sure that the website is at least functional on all browsers.Another thing that most web designers do not want you to know is that your website does not have an identical look on all computers and screens. The website that you see on your own screen may appear differently on another screen depending on resolution or monitor.Talk to your web designer, and make sure that your website looks decent on every monitor and resolution as possible.Another example of the classic ‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’ is the font of your website. Not all computers display the exact appearance of the fonts. Personal computers may handle the fonts differently as compared to Mac computers. Your web designer should be able to carefully choose fonts applicable to all computers.Many web designers do not also want you to know that site visitors will not automatically visit your website even if it’s already up and running. In order for your website to be popular, or to bringing in businesses, you will need to promote your website and make it search engine friendly.Many web designers will not want to tell you that your website won’t be fully optimised for the search engines, which means that it’s not part of the website designing. Before the project starts, ask your web designer to optimise the website for you as part of the project. This way you will not only save time but also cost, because the optimisation work takes less time if done during the coding process. Having said that, not every web designer have the knowledge for this, but it’s always good to ask.These are just a few common things that many web designers won’t normally tell you before starting a project. So do your homework before picking up the phone.